The research and development of innovative ideas is part of our daily work. These activities contributes to develop and sell 6 patent in microelectronic field and led lighting products. Our 10 years experience in innovation allow us to be always on the edge of the technology and be always proactive in problem solution.

Our Skills

Thanks to his representative KERR is allowed to access all UMC foundry technology through Faraday Technology. We did design from 0.5um technology down to 90nm technology and 40V high power DMOS technology with analog high power, analog low power and digital capability.

Moreover we can support PCBA design and development to MP thanks to New Heart Technology skills.

We can offer LED lighting custom development and full support for thermal analisys, MCPCB design and manufacturing.

Analog ASIC Design
Digital ASIC Design
Mixed Mode ASIC
DO254 Flow support for ASIC Design
Medical Equipment Design
SMPS Design for LED Lighting Applications
FPGA Development


Do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help and advise you with the best solution.