Was founded in 2008 in Bolzano, Italy. It is sales representative for FarEast companies for microelectronic and lighting applications, with high capability in ASIC and FPGA design.
Based on 10 years experience engineers it supports developments of ASIC, PCBA, FPGA Design.
Capabilities extends from low power design to mix analog/digital asic implementation to security IP.

Success Stories

  • ASIC for Aircraft cockpit lighting controls with DO254 certification flow for A400M project.
  • ASIC for EF lighting cockpit control.
  • ASIC for dot printer matrix using custom image algorithm and usb interface.
  • Design and PCBA for Dental medical equipment based on FPGA.
  • Implementation of proprietary algorithm on FPGA for dental Apex measure.
  • Concept and development of patented algorithm for SMPS current control for LED lighting applications.
  • ASIC for SMPS controller with integrated active pfc and current control algorithm.
  • ASIC for SMPS controller with constant current direct conversion AC-DC for constant current LED lighting applications.
  • Nano power security IP development and implementation for POS smart card application.