Faraday Technology Corporation


(System On Chip) down to 28nm

Mixed Signal ASIC

Wide IP Portfolio

(USB3.1, SPON SerDes, ARM cores, SATA, MIPI…)

Mixed Signal High Voltage ASIC

We can access all Faraday technology and IP solutions from 0.5um high voltage to 280nm low power. The wide portfolio of analog and digital IP enables a very fast time to market, with professional service and variety of turn-key solutions.

The Soc platform allows the development of the software and OS before the asic fab-out and the Soc emulation system speeds up the design process and verification.

We already embed more than 100M gate in one chip solution 100% working at first tape-out.

We put together high voltage design capability with extremely low power design, multi cpu design and security analog IP for POS payment and smart-card.